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Pastpresent’ – the 16th Century

Meet Mistress Rebbecca Bowden and Master James Wood in the year 1590 and

explore every day life in the Tudor period through their eyes.


They have experienced and survived the change and upheavals of the time.

From their earliest lives during the tumult of the Reformation, at the end of Henry VIII’s reign, to the threat of the Spanish Armada only 2 years before, through times of plague and the famine, the glories of the great and the suffering of the poor – they have seen all these in their life times.

Learn to make butter with Mistress Rebecca
Find out about the Great Chain of Being.
Try on the clothes and display the hat honour, perhaps even try a dance.

Make a cord with a lucet.

Play Alquerque and make Ninemans Morris, and make your own games.

Listen to Master James’ tales of the Spanish wars and try on some armour.