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'Pastpresent’ – the 17th Century

Meet Master Wood, a loyal Royalist and Mistress Bowden a widow

 explore everyday life in the Stuart period through their eyes


The year is 1651 and Parliament is triumphant and the King is dead, yet life must go on.

Master Wood has served the Royalist cause loyally throughout the war and now is called a traitor and malignant by Parliament, for his loyalty to the King and the Church of England. Mistress Bowden is a widow of a blacksmith who had worked for both sides and who died of sickness in the siege of Exeter.

Where do their loyalties lie? What does the future hold for them?
Life has not changed as much as might at first be imagined and so many of the learning opportunities of the Tudor period may be used. But the wider world has changed.

Discover the medicines that may be found in the garden, the true nature of the human body, and the need to balance the diet.

See some of the skills of blackwork and stumpwork

What might you eat and drink  ?

Will it be jumbles or puffs,  lambswool or sack posset

Hear and see the sound of musket fire – learn the difference between match and fire locks.

Find out the origin of ‘lock, stock and barrel’ and ‘ a flash in the pan’.

 Could you march 10 miles a day with Master Wood’s weapons, munitions and snapsack?