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Pastpresent’ – working with Schools

 As experienced teachers we are aware to the old adage about seeing, hearing and doing, so we have developed a number of schools programmes for all ages, which actively involve the young people.

The two core programmes are for the Tudor and Stuart periods and are linked to Key Stage 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum. These can be ‘fine tuned’ to meet the needs of a specific class or group and we are happy to work with teachers to do so.

In addition for Key Stage 1 we have a programme on historic games and on how children lived in the past. For Key Stages 3/4 there is an in depth look at the history of Medicine in the 15th and 16th centuries.

All programmes are delivered by the two core staff, in costume and with appropriate artefacts to handle.  Not only do these explore ‘historical’ subjects but also stimulate.

  ü      Literacy through language and creative writing

  ü      Numeracy through the games for example 

  ü      Science and the history of Medicine

ü      Art and creative skills

ü      Geography

ü      Social skills

We are happy to supply the relevant details for KS1/2/3. 

As members of the Devon Arts Initiative in Schools (DAISI) we have been cleared – CRB enhanced check – to work in schools (04.06)


'Pastpresent' is working this summer with English Heritage and will be at:
Sherborne Old Castle   week 21-25  May           - Civil War and Unrest (see 17th Century)
Okehampton Castle      week 25-29 June           - Tudor Rich and Poor- a special programme about the times of Henry VIII
Old Wardour Castle      week  2- 6 July              - Civil War and Unrest (see 17th Century)
Restormel Castle          week  9-13 July              - Civil War and Unrest (see 17th Century)
Each programme has been adapted to tell the story of the castle and may be altered to meet the needs of the visiting school. We also provide follow-up materials.
For more information contact us at info@pastpresent.org.uk or 01805 622 433
To book contact English Heritage on 0117 9750 720


“I was amazed at how much the children remembered when we followed up our visit at school. They absorbed so much information and wrote terrific accounts. Thank you” (Wilts Primary teacher after a school workshop with Pastpresent’ at Old Wardour Castle)