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‘Pastpresent’  - who are we ?

Jen Hood

Certificate of Education    (Bristol)

Subjects: Geography and Dance Drama

Originally qualified to work in Primary (Infant/Junior) schools, I have worked with all ages including special needs and adult.  In addition I am fully qualified in cookery and catering 706/1 & 2 and has wide experience in costume making including directing the Torrington Community Wardrobe Millennium Project.

I have worked in live interpretation for more than 10 years and was the Torrington 1646 Education Officer.

I am a member of the International Museum Theatre Alliance (Europe) – IMTAL.




Peter Hood

Certificate of Education   (Bristol)

Subjects: History and Geography

Originally qualified to work Junior and Secondary, I have worked in schools and outdoor education, where I was head of 2 centres. I was director of a charity which provided a wide range of heritage interpretation, before working on the development of a heritage centre. More recently I have been a Regional Learning and Interpretation Officer for the National Trust.


I, too, have worked in live interpretation for more than 10 years and was fortunate in 2004 to be awarded the Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to study Costumed Interpretation in the United States.

In 2005 I was elected a full member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation – MAHI.


We are both members of the Association for Living History, Farms and Museums – ALHFAM (an mainly American body concerned with live interpretation).We are members of GEM – the Group for Education  in Museums. For 10 years we both led a Folk Dance / Drama group that represented England at the World Festival and other European festivals. The group specialised in period dance and traditional drama.