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'Pastpresent’ – Services

‘Pastpresent’ can provide costumes for use with schools and by staff at sites. The costumes below was developed from a portrait of Lady Ackland (17 c) at Killerton House (NT)  to support their living history days and the child’s dress for their late Victorian school room. Currently we are working on Tudor and Georgian costumes and training volunteers at a site to develop its own costume making team.

‘Pastpresent’, drawing on experience over more than 30 years of working in the field of interpretation, can provide an interpretation planning service and staff / volunteer training. Recently we delivered both for ‘Mary Newman’s Cottage’ ( a Tudor screens passage house in Saltash), working with the Tamar Protection Trust to equip it with a handling collection, prepare a schools’ room and train the volunteer team to make the most of the site.

In 1997-2000 ad 2001/2 at ‘Torrington 1646’ we worked with a community working group to develop this Heritage Centre from scratch, project managing the redevelopment of the site, training the staff and creating a schools service that included an outreach programme.

‘Pastpresent’ will also provide evaluation for Museums and Heritage sites. This can range from specific exhibit or live interpretation evaluation to visitor surveys

Pastpresent’ can provide workshops for all ages in:

Developing 1st and 3rd person interpretation
Ø      Using a handling collection with adults and young people
17th century Dance
Tudor and Stuart Cookery