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A special programme to commemorate:
 the First Permanent Colony in the New World. 

Meet Mistress Rebecca Bowden and Master James Wood in the years 1607–08
and explore every day life of the period through their eyes.

They have experienced and survived the change and upheavals of the time. From their earliest lives during the tumult of the Reformation, from the reigns of Edward and Mary to the Gunpowder Plot just two years before, through times of plague and the famine, the glories of the great and the suffering of the poor – they have seen all these in their lives.

 Now they hear of the new settlements across the Western Ocean at Jamestown and Fort St George.

What will this mean for the future ?
They are too old but could Mistress Rebecca’s son James go?
What will he need? Does he have the skills and knowledge  to survive?
What will happen to her if he leaves?
Are the new settlements at risk from the might of Spain? 

Explore these questions, face the fears, the challenges and the opportunities against the background of everyday life, when travel was limited and a new horizon might be a journey across the Severn Sea to Wales or overland to London. 

This programme has been created to be adaptable to the needs of both schools KS2/3 and for Museums and historic sites.